Archive | March, 2012

Use bins to see additional clip info that are in a sequence

Challenge: Not enough info available on clips in the timeline
Solution: Use temp bins to figure stuff out
Want to make sure all your clips have reel …

Marking an IN point to more than one clip at once in FCP7

Challenge: Set IN point to multiple elements at once
Solution: Use the superimpose feature to stack the clips and then add an edit to where you …

Long filenames when exporting quicktimes from Compressor

Challenge: Compressor always adding the lengthy settings name at the end of the files.
Solution: Use a droplet or create multiple “destinations”
If you want Compressor to …

Circumventing Compressor’s convoluted “set destination” process

Challenge: Compressor’s convoluted “set destination” process
Solution: Use aliases to dupe Compressor
I’ve always been frustrated by the convoluted process of specifying the chosen destination, especially when …