Challenge: Figure out what a 23.98 TC will be when 3:2 pulldown’s added.
Solution: An excel spreadsheet with a LOOKUP formula.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve never been able to properly use any timecode calculator to convert a 23.98 timecode to 29.97 DF. For a while I used a great workaround: a 2-hour long 29.97DF quicktime that displayed a 23.98 BITC and a 29.97DF BITC.

I decided to go one step further and created an Excel spreadsheet that converts 23.98 to 29.97 and vice-versa. Please note that you need Excel 2010 or later for it work (previous versions of Excel do not support more than 60 000 and some rows).

App instructions are on the spreadsheet.

Download here.