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A free poweful Excel macro for all your timecode calcultation needs

Challenge: I still haven’t found any good TC calculator!
Solution: Excel! And Belle de Nuit’s macro!

In 1998 Matthias Bürcher released a macro to calculate timecodes within Excel. Sadly, Excel 2011 was not supported, and worse, (Mountain) Lion wasn’t either. He finally released a new version in October 2012 which can be downloaded here.
It seems the site hasn’t been translated. This is the link you want to click on to download the macro:

This blog contains good info on how to use it.

A few notes:

  • To enable the macro: drag and drop it onto the Excel logo. Then press ⌘+Option+Shift+T.
  • Cell content needs to have all colons and semi-colons removed (01050420 rather than 01:05:04:20). If you have a large amount of TCs with colons, you can simply to a find/replace all “:” and replace with nothing. Do the same for semi-colons if you’re in 29.97DF.
  • If you’re working in 29.97DF, the format is (for substracting for example) is: =tcminus(B1, A1, 2997) (and not 29.97).
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    1. Shawn Jeong, March 3, 2016

      How can I save this to send WITH the file in an email?

      When I send it to someone else, they receive #NAME errors because of the functions…

      Please HELP!!!

      • Jerome Raim, March 6, 2017

        Hmmm… you’re best bet is to convert the formulas to static text. Easiest way is to copy everything to your clibpboard, paste it into a plain text document (notepad/TextEdit in plain text) then paste it back into Excel.

    2. G.L.Franklin, March 3, 2017

      will this macro work in Excel for Windows?

      • Jerome Raim, March 6, 2017

        No reason for it not to.

    3. Kerrie McGovan, April 3, 2017

      Please, please help me. I have used this add-in for years, right from the beginning. Recently upgraded to latest version of excel for mac os Sierra. Have installed the .xlam for excel, but any calculation comes up with the answer 21frames for tcplus, and 23235906 for tcminus. Is it just me? It’s one of my major working tools, as I prepare post production scripts for film and tv. Can you give me any advice.
      Fingers crossed.