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How to open FCP X without previously loaded libraries (OUTDATED)

OUTDATED: Since FCP 10.1.2, Apple introduced its official method to trash preferences and start anew: (Section 11)
As you know, there’s no way …

How to resume the tracking of a power window between 2 adjacent clips in Davinci Resolve.

Challenge: Say you have a split edit (aka Through Edit) in your timeline that for whatever reason you can’t remove. You place a power window …

23.976 to 29.97DF timecode calculator (UPDATED: works with TCs up to 03:00:00:00)

Challenge: Figure out what a 23.98 TC will be when 3:2 pulldown’s added.
Solution: An excel spreadsheet with a LOOKUP formula.
I’m not sure why, but I’ve …

FCPX Libraries Apps – Delete render files or copy library minus render files

I’ve written two applications to manage render files of FCPX libraries.
FCPX Libraries – Copy minus render files
Take one or multiple libraries at the Finder level, …