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Jun 9

Resize titles in Adobe Premiere

Challenge: Batch resize Premiere titles
Solution: Python script that parses through the prproj xml and scales it all for you
Disclaimer: For Mac only, although it should …

Jul 13

Paste timecode into FCP X

Challenge: circumvent FCP X’s missing timecode-paste feature
Solution: An applescript that types a copied timecode into FCP X for you
This applescript works by grabbing clipboard content …

Oct 28

App to save Compressor 4 Batches

As discussed here, Compressor no longer gives you the option to save a batch. I’ve written an Applescript app that allows you to …

Sep 29

FCP (7 & X) XML Parser for manual media managing

This post expands on previous attempts at collecting files for multiple purposes (making aliases, copying, batch transcoding, etc.). The tool was written specifically to collect …