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Apr 5

How to conform media for 1920×1080 23.976 delivery

Challenge: Prepping all kinds of footage for 1920×1080 23.976 delivery
Solution: Use the following flowchart to figure out your best options
The flowchart offers solutions …

Jan 18

Getting Resolve to see all quicktimes

Challenge: Resolve can’t see quicktimes that are missing their extensions
Solution: Automatically add “mov” extensions to any quicktime that’s missing the extensions
When you media manage a …

Dec 7

“Easily”, “quickly” find source files of transcoded footage

Intended use
So you’re working in an offline-online workflow. You’ve used Compressor or MPEG Streamclip or Squeeze to transcode the media to an offline codec (OfflineRT, …

Nov 15

Delete all disabled clips in an Final Cut Pro 7 timeline

Challenge: Deleting all disabled clips (usually when prepping for online).
Solution: An applescript app that renames all disabled clips in order to easily select them.
Download DisabledClipsRenamed …