Tips & Tricks

Feb 22

FCPX: Ugly (but vital) workaround for missing feature “break apart/collapse multiclip”

Challenge: Convert an FCPX multiclip into the actual used footage.
Solution: A bunch of XML exports and reimports using Resolve (Lite)
Resolve 10.1 deals with compound clips …

Feb 14

FCPX (10.1.1) – How to fix UI weirdness (skimmer not working, Connect Clips Audio/Video only not sticking, etc.)

Special thanks to Tim Moyle and Sebastian Chang for figuring this one out. Haven’t seen this solution posted anywhere and it’s been a while we’ve …

Jan 8

The Ultimate Clipboard utility – UPDATED for FCPX

For months now I’ve been racking my brain, trying to find an app or a workaround that would allow me to drag files from different …

Jan 7

Compressor 4.1 has lost the ability to save and open batches (but there’s a workaround!)

Compressor 4.1 has removed the capability of saving and opening batches (arg!!).
However, Compressor is still generating a batch file (this is noticeable since if you …