Jan 7

Compressor 4.1 has lost the ability to save and open batches (but there’s a workaround!)

Compressor 4.1 has removed the capability of saving and opening batches (arg!!).

However, Compressor is still generating a batch file (this is noticeable since if you close Compressor with elements not yet processed, that same batch is present when you reopen the application).

So where is this file stored? Right here:
/Users/*theCurrentUser*/Library/Application Support/Compressor/Untitled.compressor (I recommend making an alias of the parent folder and renaming it something like “Location of the Compressor Batch”).

Drag that file out of there, rename it and pass the file along!

So the one feature that is essentially lost and irretrievable is that one cannot open multiple batches at the same time.

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