Apr 8

Conforming (semi-automatically) 5D/7D footage for FCP7

Let’s pray that someday, soon, this won’t require as many steps… At least be thankful that it’s somewhat automatized…

EDIT: With FCP Legacy being discontinued, this is now a moot point.

• All quicktimes have reel names.
• the proxy quicktimes’ names are identical to the original media (if this isn’t the case one can always batch rename the new media for it to match)

  1. Export your (preferably collapsed) timeline to Sequence Clip Reporter OR (if you don’t have Sequence Clip Reporter) manually copy all relevant clips from the timeline into a new bin and export that bin as a batch list.
  2. Move the clip name column next to the reel name column.
  3. Select the clip name and the reel name column. Click on the funnel icon (or Data → Filter)
  4. Select the clip name and reel name column (again). Data → Advanced filter. Check “Unique records only”
  5. This will display only once all clips used in the sequence (even if one was used multiple times). You can sort by reel name  to facilitate the next steps.
  6. Access your unwrapped media and based on the spreadsheet, select only the files that are used in the cut. I suggest you make batches reel by reel (ie, folder by folder). Set Compressor’s destination to xxx/ONLINE/blablabla/IDENTICAL_REELNAME.
  7. Remove Compressor’s settings name from the exported HQ quicktimes. Ideally they should match the proxy quicktimes.

If your h264 timecodes don’t match the proxy timecodes, then:

  1. Make a new FCP project, dump in HQs first (respecting their folders names/bins). Add reel names to them all based on their folder (/bin) names.
  2.  Dump in the same project all the proxy quicktimes used in the cut.
  3. ⌘ + F in the browser. Hit spacebar in the search field and do Find All. This will show all clips.
    Sort by reel. Now you’ll notice you have duplicates of everything. The difference being in the Media Start and Media End if you manually changed the timecodes of your proxies.  If that’s the case, it will be quicker to set a keyboard shortcut for the “Modify à Timecode” command (suggested keyboard shortcut: Shift + T)

  4. Select the clip that has 00:00:00:00 as Media Start → Shift T → Manually type in corresponding TC → Return x2
  5. Your HQ’s Media Start and End should match the proxy’s.
  6. Repeat for all quicktimes.
  7. Now it’s time to update the sequence with the HQ quicktimes…

  8. Select the clips you wish to conform → Modify → Make independent clips
  9. Right click on selected clips → Reconnect media
  10. Add the folder where the HQ files are located to the Search location
  11. Click on search and (hopefully) flawlessly reconnect all media.

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