Jul 9

Creating music cue sheets with Sequence Clip Reporter for FCP7

Music cues are often composed of multiple stems and multiple cuts – I’ve yet to see a full clip being used from start to finish. When it comes to generating a music cue sheet, things get messy.

Thanks to Sequence Clip Reporter and some minor sequence prepping, we can efficiently create an intelligible music cue sheet.

(You will of course want to duplicate/backup your sequence before doing any of this)

Let’s say we have the following 2 music cues in our sequence:

Original music cues sequence

If we were to generate a spreadsheet using Sequence Clip Reporter, we would get this:

Messy excel spreadsheet

What we want is for all stems and edits of track1 to be consolidated. This needs to be done manually in FCP.

One way of doing this:

  1. Place your playhead on the OUT point of track01-split04.
  2. Delete split04 and split06.
    Playhead position & Clips removed
  3. Extend track01-split02 to the playhead (you can select the tail end of the clip then press E to extend edit)

You now have an accurate representation of the length of the music cue sheet and you can use Sequence Clip Reporter to generate your cue sheet. The app is able to see sequences in the active FCP project, but for stability reasons I prefer to export an XML and drag that XML onto the Sequence Clip Reporter icon.

Note that you can either manually remove “split02” from the clip name in FCP or decide to do that later in Excel.

At time, there isn’t enough content to extend the clip from to its in or out point. Because this is only a representation of what the music is, we can change the content to accomodate this situation. By pressing “S” 3 times, you enter the speed tool. Simply drag the tail (or head) of the clip to the in or out point. The content will be incorrect but the clip name, IN, OUT and duration will be correct.

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