Dec 7

“Easily”, “quickly” find source files of transcoded footage

Intended use
So you’re working in an offline-online workflow. You’ve used Compressor or MPEG Streamclip or Squeeze to transcode the media to an offline codec (OfflineRT, Prores Proxy, DNxHD 36, etc.). You’re ready to online only the clips that are used in the final cut. Problem is, you need to manually, tediously find the original files of the proxy clips in your timeline.
This is where this app/workaround-workflow comes in. By exporting a batch list of the clips (and if needed reel names) and referencing it to a list of all the files on your master hard drive, we can create a folder full of file aliases that link to the original media, thus allowing you to prep for the online in one folder.

Download here.

How-to guide included in zip file.

Required apps: MS Excel, EasyFind, Automator.

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