Feb 22

FCPX: Ugly (but vital) workaround for missing feature “break apart/collapse multiclip”

Challenge: Convert an FCPX multiclip into the actual used footage.
Solution: A bunch of XML exports and reimports using Resolve (Lite)

Resolve 10.1 deals with compound clips and multiclips in a very particular manner. It creates pseudo-(compound) clips in the media pool that have no metadata (no TC, no reel, no filename, no nothing). One negative consequence is that you can’t track a window onto this pseudo-compound clip.

Another problem: the wonderful app Xto7 cannot deal with compound clips. You need to break them apart first in FCP X. Easy to do in a project, but if you have a compound clip within a multiclip, you’re screwed.

So this is how to go around this problem:
1) Export an FCPXML of your project.
2) Import into Resolve (Lite).
3) Before doing any kind of grading or renders, right click on the timeline and export it as an FCPXML.
4) Reimport back into FCP X. The multiclips now appear as compound clips that we can break apart (!!).
5) Break them apart. Export an new XML.
6) Import the XML into Resolve.

This is an ugly workaround that will be obsolete as soon as Apple offers “break apart multiclip” or Resolve offers “connect multiclips and compound clips directly to original media”.

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  1. Shreditor, March 9, 2016

    Do you know if this has been fixed yet?