Jan 18

Getting Resolve to see all quicktimes

Challenge: Resolve can’t see quicktimes that are missing their extensions
Solution: Automatically add “mov” extensions to any quicktime that’s missing the extensions

When you media manage a project for FCP 7, occasionally you will find yourself with quicktimes ending with -v. These files are video only (hence the -v) and are missing the “.mov” extension. Note that this is not a hidden extension, the extension is actually missing, and as a result Resolve won’t be able to see these in the media pool.

I’ve developed two small apps to remedy this problem that you can download here.

“Add MOV to files missing extensions”: Open the app and drag all the quicktimes into and click Continue. If any extension was missing (not hidden!) it will be added.

“SHOW EXTENSIONS TO ALL SELECTED FILES”: This can be useful… it will make sure that no extension is hidden.

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