May 2

How to resume the tracking of a power window between 2 adjacent clips in Davinci Resolve.

Challenge: Say you have a split edit (aka Through Edit) in your timeline that for whatever reason you can’t remove. You place a power window over the talent’s face and want the tracking to continue past the split edit. Resolve doesn’t have any feature to do this.

Solution: Frustrating workaround, but I can’t think of any better solution…

1) Track your power window in the first clip.
2) Go to the edit tab → Go to the last frame of the first clip and blade it.
3) Go to the color tab → ⌘+C that 1 frame clip.
4) Go to the edit tab → ⌘+Z to undo the blade.
5) Go to the color tab → Paste your grade onto the second clip.




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