Mar 22

Marking an IN point to more than one clip at once in FCP7

Challenge: Set IN point to multiple elements at once
Solution: Use the superimpose feature to stack the clips and then add an edit to where you want your in point.

Our graphic artist usually gives us renders with 1 second handles. Rather than having to manually go 1 second in, setting the in point, then inserting/overwriting the clip in a timeline, we can first use the superimpose feature.

Create a temp sequence. Drag all files over to the Viewer window and drop it on “Superimpose” (be careful with the 99 audio track limit – you might have to it in batches). Go one second in → Ctrl + V (add edit) → Select all the clips (minus the one second chunk) → Copy → Paste in a new bin.

This can be also useful to batch remove head or tail handles.



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