Challenge: Batch resize Premiere titles
Solution: Python script that parses through the prproj xml and scales it all for you

Disclaimer: For Mac only, although it should be easily re-coded for Windows. I welcome any feedback, but be aware that is a beta of a hack. I offer no warranties of any kind.

Download app here.

1. Double click the app PrprojTitleResizer.
2. Select the premiere project file (*.prproj)
3. Type in the desired height for the titles. This implies that the aspect ratio is identical. So for example, if you want to upscale 1280×720 titles to 1920×1080, type in 1080.
4. A new premiere project file will be created at /username/Documents/RaimApps/titleResizer
5. All titles will have been converted to the new dimensions and the text should also be properly scaled. You may need to still change the size of your sequences.

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