Apr 30

Resolve (Lite) to transcode DPX

Challenge: Batch transcoding DPX sequences to a more friendly container
Solution: Resolve Lite!

I while back I needed to convert DPX renders from a Smoke machine to Prores 444 (to cut back into FCP7). I tried Compressor, the AJA tool, but nothing worked. Finally I strung out all the DPX files into a master timeline in Resolve Lite and rendered them all out. I then batch renamed all the render files using Automator to remove Resolve’s naming convention and I was all set.

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  1. Jon, August 18, 2015


    Were you able to go back to the DXP form your renders?

    • Jerome Raim, August 24, 2015

      As long as reel names were enabled in Resolve and you rendered out as “individual source clips” as opposed to “single clip”, the original TC & reelnames of all the clips should be maintained, allowing for seamless relinking.