Apr 16

Reveal in Finder multiple files from FCP 7

The Frustration: selecting multiple items in Final Cut Pro 7 (either manually or by sorting with a specific criteria, i.e. all 59.94fps media) and being unable to reveal them all in the Finder.
The Solution: my weird workaround app…

UPDATE: Read the following post which provides an additional way to regroup all files for further manipulation.

FCP-Reveal in Finder Multiple Files v1 (great app name, huh) allows you to create a list of files from a user-generated FCP XML (project, bin or sequence-based).
It extracts the file paths from the XML, creates aliases in a user-specified folder and color-labels both the original files and the aliases.

You can then use Spotlight or a program such as Find Any File (if the volume is non-indexed) to find all the color-labeled files in a specific folder.

In many instances, applications can be duped into believing these aliases are the actual original files (see this post).

Additionally, you can use the app AliasHerder to convert aliases into the files they refer to.

Note: The application was created using Automator, applescript and Textwrangler. Feel free to open the app in Automator and customize the workflow to your liking. For instance, you might want to only color label for the media, or only create aliases.

In order for this app to work, you will need download the free app Textwrangler.

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