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23.976 to 29.97DF timecode calculator (UPDATED: works with TCs up to 03:00:00:00)

Challenge: Figure out what a 23.98 TC will be when 3:2 pulldown’s added.
Solution: An excel spreadsheet with a LOOKUP formula.
I’m not sure why, but I’ve …

Using the MarkerTool to transfer a transcript to FCP7 markers

UPDATED June 2013
Move sequence markers, lift them to clip level and vice-versa and import excel based markers into an FCP timeline… For free!

Creating music cue sheets with Sequence Clip Reporter for FCP7

Music cues are often composed of multiple stems and multiple cuts – I’ve yet to see a full clip being used from start to finish. …

Post Production Workflow for Final Cut Pro 7

After working on numerous television projects as the lead assistant editor and post-production supervisor, I decided to compile all my findings.
This guide details every step of …