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FCP (7 & X) XML Parser for manual media managing

This post expands on previous attempts at collecting files for multiple purposes (making aliases, copying, batch transcoding, etc.). The tool was written specifically to collect …

The Ultimate Clipboard utility – UPDATED for FCPX

For months now I’ve been racking my brain, trying to find an app or a workaround that would allow me to drag files from different …

Green border when downscaling in Compressor 3.5

Please be aware that Compressor will occasionally (read inconstantly) introduce a 1-pixel 50% opacity green line around your video when you downscale from HD to …

Using the MarkerTool to transfer a transcript to FCP7 markers

UPDATED June 2013
Move sequence markers, lift them to clip level and vice-versa and import excel based markers into an FCP timeline… For free!