Apr 8

The quickest way to export quicktimes in FCP7

Fear not non-self contained (aka reference) quicktimes. Their lifespan is quite short (the moment you lose a render you’re screwed). But for time-pressured exports, they’re great. When you’re in offline mode, you can set your sequence settings to 8 bit. Renders will be that much faster. Finally, FCP 7 can only use one processor. So for any watermark/BITC needs, definitely use Compressor with clusters rather than FCP!

  1. Render the entire FCP timeline (red and green render bars be gone!)
  2. File → Export (⌘ + E). Uncheck “Make movie self-contained”.
  3. Start exporting!
  4. Use Compressor to add watermark and or BITC. You need to make sure your quicktime export has a timecode track (ie, that it doesn’t start at 00:00:00:00 (unless that’s what you want)). If for whatever reason the timecode track is indeed missing, simply bring in the quicktime to FCP, give it a reel name and give it the appropriate starting timecode.

Note 1: In order to maximize the lifespan of your non self-contained quicktime, you can rename the project/sequence before rendering. Any subsequent sequence modifications should be done in another project/sequence. The render files should stay well connected.

Note 2: If you’re using a network cluster, it seems Compressor is unable to add BITC correctly (the BITC will appear and disappear every few frames). So if you do need BITC, make sure you’re using local clusters only.

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